“Even small towns can be international power centers when their activities and people are viewed through the lens of global identity.  Global and local activities are merging which means every local decision has the potential for global impact.  That is the new reality”. 
Deborah E. Schultz, President, TRANS-BORDERS SOLUTIONS

TRANS-BORDERS SOLUTIONS President Deborah Schultz developed the original concept for Middfest International in l981 while working as an Administrator in the City Manager’s Office in Middletown, Ohio.

  By providing the people of Southwest Ohio global experiences and the possibility of deep knowledge and entertainment through the stories of other countries, the Middfest International Foundation in Middletown, Ohio, has celebrated a different country each year for nearly three decades.
  Middfest International’s fresh and inviting programs connect area residents, governments, schools and businesses to their counterparts in featured countries.   Trade conferences, exhibits in science and geography, experts who know history, literature, religion, and government, authentic performing and visual arts, cuisine and much more are part of the Middfest International experience.
  In 2009, Indonesians business people, government officials, artists and performers spent time in Ohio through the work of Middfest International. As a result of consulting services provided by TRANS‑BORDERS SOLUTIONS, business people met with state and regional economic development officials and area universities for the first time.


Schultz has provided fundraising, grant writing, strategic planning, project management and economic development services to Middfest International for 25 years.  Highlights include:

  Working directly with Embassies, Consulates, international non-profits, universities & trade organizations
  Obtaining grants from international corporations such as IBM, the Ohio Humanities Council, the Greater Cincinnati Foundation, the Asia Society, Japan Society and others
  Developing and managing l7 Ambassador-level Trade Conferences
  Writing and directing 8 programs featuring scholars from Ohio and around the world
  Directing a 20-country Trade Conference with international sponsors and speakers
  Strategic planning for a 3-year conservation-themed cycle of featured countries

Middfest Preview
Coming up in late September 2011, Middletown’s Middfest will feature Peru and the Machu Pichu world heritage site, and, in advance, two lectures are scheduled about this unique nation. With a preview of "The Art of Preservation:  World Heritage and the Archaeological Treasures of Peru," Project Director for the Middfest International/Ohio Humanities Grant Deborah Schultz joins Mark Perzel.
By Mark Perzel
For more information: Middletown’s Midfest
 Listen to the MP3 on 91.7 WVXU's Archive (10:21)


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