“In the 21st century success depends on entrepreneurship, flexibility, innovation and global skills that anticipate changes in the world and adapt to them rapidly.”
Deborah E. Schultz, President, TRANS-BORDERS SOLUTIONS

INTERNATIONAL IDENTITY ~  “Internationalizing Your Organization

  Define your global business
  Refine your global business through strategic planning and training
  Develop a philanthropic identity that includes local and global activities

TACTICS  ~  “Make Something Happen”

What are the next steps?


New market ventures through foreign sales representation


Trade missions or overseas trade conferences


Sourcing overseas


Foreign competition assessment


Connecting with new overseas partners

MANAGEMENT  ~  “Achieving Success”


Positioning, plan of action, timeline, deliverables,


Project management— project design and program implementation


Resource development through funding strategies, budget oversight,
and project quality standards

  TRANS-BORDERS SOLUTIONS helps you achieve international goals through projects, connections and activities that enhance your mission.  We fill gaps within your organization, working as a Team Member or Leader on training,
project development and implementation.

Deborah E. Schultz, President
3500 Holly Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45208
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