“Companies and non-profits thrive when they know how the dynamic world affects their operations and what they must do to remain effective and profitable.”
Deborah E. Schultz, President, TRANS-BORDERS SOLUTIONS
  Business today means developing global markets, international sourcing, and managing foreign competition.
  Education, to be effective in the 21st century, means teaching global skills.
  Universities focus on increasing overseas experience, research and exchange.
  Towns, cities and states have a growing reliance on international economic development.
  Non-profits increasingly serve clients from multiple cultures in and outside the U.S.
  Citizen diplomacy means more interaction with the world in our own communities as well as the world beyond.
  New technologies instantly span the globe and offer ways to leverage communication and fundraising.
  TRANS-BORDERS SOLUTIONS guides you in articulating your global strategy and growing  a more internationally relevant and productive organization.

Deborah E. Schultz, President
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